Alcatel Lucent Dealers in Mumbai

Alcatel Lucent Dealers in Mumbai: Alcatel-Lucent is a French global telecommunications equipment company, headquartered in Boulogne-Billancourt, France, and is a former entity of Alcatel-Lucent Technologies, a joint venture between Alcatel and Lucent, which merged in 2006. Hardware, IP technologies, software, and services for fixed, mobile, and converged networking are the main topics. It mainly serves network operators, enterprises, and strategic industries.

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IP technologies

Internet Protocol is the method or protocol used to transmit data from one computer to another over the internet (IP). A host, or computer connected to the internet, is distinguished from all other computers thereby having at least one IP address.


Today, the software is practically ubiquitous, and almost everyone uses some sort of software. The uses of the software are numerous and are listed below.

  • Office
  • Business
  • Play Game
  • Shop
  • Entertainment

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