Binatone, Beetel, Panasonic, Beetel Telephone Dealers in Mumbai

Binatone, Beetel, Panasonic, Beetel Telephone Dealers in Mumbai: The first telephone directory was printed in New Haven, Connecticut, in February 1878. The directory was about an inch thick and contained fifty names. It was printed by the New Haven District Telephone Company and was distributed free of charge to its customers.

The directory listed the names and telephone numbers of the company’s customers in alphabetical order. It also listed the hours when the telephone office was open, the rates for using the telephone, and a list of local dealers in telephone equipment.

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1. Binatone

Although it also has some cell phones, Binatone manufactures a large selection of phones, many of which are intended for home use. These include corded and cordless home phones. While specific instructions differ slightly depending on the model and type of phone, there are some fundamentals that apply to all of the company’s phones.

2. Beetel Telephone

For those who regularly use landlines, this phone is very practical. It has six one-touch memories, so you can call specific numbers in an instant. Additionally, you can set the flash settings to 100, 300, 600, or 1000 milliseconds. Up to 99 incoming calls and 18 outgoing calls can be stored on the phone.

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