CCTV Surveillance Camera Dealer in Mumbai

Circuit Television (CCTV Surveillance Camera Dealer in Mumbai) is a system where all components are directly connected, including the cameras and recording equipment, to prevent the video from being broadcast over open radio waves and on a closed circuit (hence the name). CCTV has undergone enormous change since its creation in 1942.

Initially only capable of viewing live video, the technology quickly advanced into a recording system that gave users the ability to both view and store data. It became the best security technology as a result. For their own safety and peace of mind, property owners all over the world now construct basic to elaborate security camera systems using CCTV technology.

Homes that are monitored by security cameras are much less likely to experience burglaries or vandalism than those that are not. Although security cameras don’t actually stop crimes from happening, many homeowners use them today to keep their families safe and to deter criminals from trespassing.

Sterling Telecomm Systems is Dealers of Telecommunication, Alcatel Lucent, and CCTV Surveillance Camera Dealer in Mumbai.

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