Sterling Telecomm Systems has emerged as a compelling Voice Communication Solution provider. We offer state of art Communication Servers build on Converged TDM/IP/UC supported platform for small, medium and large enterprises. You can be sure that you are best equipped for the future, should your company grow on your communication demands change. These systems can be offered in varying port number ranging from 8 Port to 15000 Ports. We are partnered with below solution providers

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NEC offers Server based EPABX solutions on ISDN Digital/Pure IP/
Unified communication, Call Center Solutions, Hospitality Solutions, etc.


Multi-carrier SIP support–Offers greater resilience and provide more cost effective routing of calls

  • NEC 9100 SERVER BASED CONVERGED PURE IP PLATFORM+TDM Enabled for Smooth Migration & Investment Protection New Software Upgrades can be Easily Uploaded.
  • High Reliability with Minimum Hardware and Licenses.
  • NEC 9100 Capacity -1296 Port without server and gateway.
  • Fully IP Ready In Skin IP card – 256 Channel.
  • Advanced Mobility NEC Desk phone can paired with any Bluetooth compatible Smart Phones.
  • Maximum Trunk up to 12 PRI supported.
  •  Voicemail in skin -16 Port without server or PC Networking.
  • Recording In memory card without server or PC Networking.
  • Single Image system experience with 49 locations.
  • Video call on SIP phone (MCU 4 party).
  • Remote Conference without external server and with any Phones.
  • A VoIP SIP gateway with an integrated router and 4-port switch.
  • Phones support Bluetooth handset, XML application, upgradable with basic unit.
  • Single Licenses for IP /SIP Third Party user
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Distinct, Scalable Unified Communications

  • Voice/UC/UM delivered an integrated solution
  • Comprehensive Contact Center suite
  • Broad range of Mobility application and devices
  • Wide range of end points (IP/Digital/Analog)
  • Stations upto 1536 
  • 2048 Resource Ports
  • Trunks upto 512


  • Premier IP unified Communications
  • Voice/UC/UM delivered as an integrated Solution
  • Comprehensive Contact Center suite
  • Broad range of mobility applications and devices
  • Wide-range of end-points
  • Single point configuration and management
  • 19 inch stackable chassis architecture with capacity up to 4000 IP stations and expandable up to 192,000 (FCCS)
  • Multi Line SIP Client, Multi carrier support
  • Virtualized solution option
  • Delivers on NEC’s green initiative
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