Plantronic, Jabra Headset Dealers in Mumbai

When used with a phone or computer, a headset is a piece of hardware that frees up the user’s hands so they can talk and listen without holding anything in their hands. Technical support and customer service centers frequently employ headsets, which enable staff members to converse with clients while entering data into a computer. Sterling Telecomm Systems is a top and leading Plantronic, Jabra Headset Dealers in Mumbai.

Additionally, computer gamers frequently use them to hear and communicate with others while using the keyboard and mouse to play the game.

With the headset’s built-in microphone, you can speak. A headphone has an integrated microphone that is not attached or visible and is primarily used for listening to audio files, whereas a camera is primarily used for video conferencing or video calls you make. Let’s compare headphones and headsets in a moment.

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